Twelve Week Online Course

Broken down into weekly video presentations of Dr. Elaine Ingham’s renowned Soil Food Web Course.

Q&A with Elaine

12 Recorded Live Q&A Sessions with Dr. Elaine Ingham as she answers questions from participants

DVD & Mp3 Collection

Receive the 6 DVD Set upon completion of the course. Audios/MP3s available and which you can listen to anywhere at any time.

Detailed Workbook

Follow along with this 90 page workbook that will serve as a key reference for years to come.

Bonus Materials

A treasure trove of tables, graphs, guides, spreadsheet templates and other tools that you can readily apply to your own projects!

What you’ll learn..

  • Optimize Soil Balance
  • Limit Erosion and Compaction
  • Eliminate Contamination
  • Rehabilitate Sick Soils
  • Increase Yields & Reduce Inputs
  • Maintain Soil pH & Structure
  • Correct Ratios – Bacteria:Fungi
  • Create Synergy and Symbiosis
  • Balance Nutrient Cycling
  • Help Micronutrient Uptake
  • Maximize Nutrient Density
  • Increase Plant Immunity
  • Maintain Pollinators
  • Secure Pest Management
  • Establish Drought Resistance
  • Create Quality Topsoil
  • Make the Good Composts
  • Compost Extracts & Teas
  • What about Worms?
  • Anaerobic Composting?
  • Stagnant Water?
  • Removing additives from Water
  • Weed Control

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